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New to the Curly Journey and ready to dive in, but you don’t have the “right” products…

For now, you can use the products you have on hand. Techniques are going to make all the difference and then adding in the right products for you will jump start your transition! Remember the most important thing is WATER💧. A few short tips-

  • You want to cleanse the scalp and hydrate/condition the hair.

  • You need to rinse your cleanser completely and I've found hair is similar to a sponge, scrunch under running water to insure complete rinsing.

  • You can detangle and condition at the same time. You can use your fingers, a wide-tooth comb or any of the popular detangling tools.

  • As you are working the conditioner into your curls, add in water. 💧Water is everything. Then use the "squish to condish" technique to help push more water into your strands. Allow the conditioner to sit for a few minutes, minimally. I usually start with my hair, then at the end of my shower will rinse and apply products.

  • You can leave a bit of conditioner on your hair or rinse completely. Try both and then decide.

  • Product applications can be varied, I generally recommend finger combing the product in to insure complete distribution, although there are several methods that work. But I always apply while in the shower, immediately after rinsing, to soaking wet hair. Apply product then scrunch.

  • I typically don’t recommend simply scrunching product into your hair. This usually creates a tangled mess and gobs of product at the ends of your curls, with frizz and not much else on the rest of your head. However, like I always say if it works for you, keep doing it.

  • Use an old T-shirt instead of towels, squeeze out excess water, then allow to air-dry or diffuse.

And as a final tip, when you are ready to purchase a few “curly girl approved” products, keep in mind that it can be a bit of a search… and try samples or travel sizes FIRST. We have all had the hidden graveyard of failed products…. Which btw, you should dig into now and use up. You never know, you might already have your own Holy Grail!🧡

p/s Looking for more tricks and tips? Head over to my Curly Tips page for the new updated "How To"


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