Love Your Curls More


is the revolutionary cutting technique to create the Curly Hair Style that you have been dreaming about! It was designed for curls, waves and all natural textures! Hair is sculpted curl-by-curl, while dry, according to your lifestyle, personality and preferences.

Already experienced the luxurious Detox & Hydrate Service?

Are you loving your curls, but it is time for a Shape Up?

Have a lot on your plate and only a little time for yourself?

The Express Cut is perfect for you! This service will have you in and out and still answer all of your curly questions! This service is recommended only for reshaping your curls and doesn't include cleanse, condition and styling.


Do you love your curls, but it is time to make a change?

Maybe you've found a good routine and your curls are coming along,

but you've decided you want The Big Chop?

The DevaCut is the service you are looking for!

This service begins with a DevaCut to create the style and length you desire, the key to loving the results of The Big Chop, is to cut first, then cleanse-condition-style and then reassess your curls -  to obtain the perfect length and style!

Shrinkage is real and will affect the over-all results following the Big Chop.

This luxurious process includes a thorough cleanse and conditioning with the DevaCurl

No-Poo and One Condition that is carefully selected to provide your curls with the right amount of moisture to bring out the beauty in them. After cleansing and conditioning, I'll use the DevaCurl styling product that will enhance your curl pattern, address styling issues and create an easy routine for having beautiful curls every day. Throughout this service I provide personalized coaching and product recommendations so that you can have a simple routine for cleansing, conditioning and styling. We also discuss a simple Refresh Routine to keep your curls looking amazing every day! 

Love Your Curls!

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