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Curly Tips

Plopping, my easy way!

Here's a few pics of how I plop, you can easily find videos on YouTube and I'll post a few links below in the comments, but my technique is slightly different (I couldn't get the traditional technique to work, it always fell apart during my morning routine)

First, according to, "Plopping is a technique that was born here on NaturallyCurly's forums, and one that is an indispensable step in our routine. You plop your wet hair after you’ve applied your styler and before you start to dry your hair. It will accordion your curls, helping them keep their defined, spiral shape, even after they dry."

For me, I hate having my wet hair hanging down getting my clothes wet or just generally being in the way while I'm getting ready, so this keeps it out of my face and absolutely helps my curls! 
Instead of spreading my tshirt out and plopping onto it, then wrapping and tying it all together, I put my curls inside the tshirt, like a cap. 
 I simply tie a knot at the bottom of an old long-sleeve Tshirt 
 I hold open the collar and slip my hair into the shirt, using the collar as a headband, my curls are now safely secured inside the shirt and won't fall out
 I then use the long- sleeves to secure it in place by crisscrossing them at my neck, bringing them around to the front, and tying them together.

I lift the knotted bottom of the shirt up towards my face and secure it with the sleeve knot.


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