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Welcome to your Curly Journey!

Curl Class

Our classes are designed to help you get your Best Curls Ever in a space created just for you to embrace all the Beauty in yourself as well as meet new Curl-Friends. 


Love Your Curls

An Introduction to the Curly Journey

Are you ready to take your Curls to the next level?

Learn how to care for your curls so you can enjoy

Easy ~ Beautiful ~ Healthy Curls


Simple techniques to help you or your Curly Kid embrace their curls.

Products that will work for your curl goals.

Tools that will make your journey easier.

Advice for Healthy Curls.

What's included?

This Class is two and a half hours of Curly Care Demonstrations and Discussion and is ideal for anyone struggling with their own curls or taking care of another's curls.

We start with a discussion of common problems and simple solutions, techniques products and terms.

A full washday demonstration including deep cleanse and intense hydration practices with diffusing techniques to help you reduce frizz and achieve your Curl Goals.

You'll take home a goody bag designed just for you, with 3 travel size products, my favorite chelating cleanser and intense treatment, a copy of CURL, the only magazine for Curly Humans and a rice water treatment! 

Class Bonus: We'll schedule your first appointment with a Curl Specialist that can take your Curls to the next level!

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