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Let's get started!

We are so excited to meet you and share your Curl Journey! The experience starts when you use the online booking system below.  Your appointment request will be received and you'll receive a welcome message back with more details to make your first visit seamless, remember to check your email for updates about your appointment, including how to prepare for the best results possible.

Your appointment will begin with a Curly Consultation. Ask a woman about her curls and she'll tell you about her life... Curly hair is not just about the curls, it is about so much more. We get that and know that having beautiful curls can be difficult to achieve and for some, it's been a life-long dream to have beautiful curls that hasn't quite come true ... yet! 
 We will plan out, not just your first visit, but a long-term plan to ensure all of your goals are met.

Next, we create a cut perfect for you, based on your face shape, lifestyle and overall goals. Styling tips and tricks are always shared with Education specific to your curl type and lifestyle. 

We'll wrap up the visit by sharing recommendations for at-home care and set you up with your next appointment and send you home with samples of products used and recommended for you.  We follow up with all of our guests to be certain that you are Loving Your Curls and answer any questions you may have.  

New to the Curly Girl Method? 

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Are you ready to learn all about the Curly Girl Method? Find service recommendations just for you. Start Loving Your Curls today!

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the Curly Girl Method?

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Already Love Your Curls?

Here are service reccomendations just for you!

Interested in Color options for

the Curly Girl Method?

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Do you want to add a little color to those beautiful curls?

Here are service reccomendations just for you.

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How the Waitlist Works:

  • Appointments requested must be for specific dates and a specific service.

  • Time options are morning, afternoon, evening or anytime.

  • The notification will come via Text and Email only. 

  • All guests that are on the waitlist for the spot will be notified at the same time and it is first come first scheduled.

  • You can only request 30 days out at any time. It is necessary to update your waitlist requests if you have not been able to obtain an appointment.

Scheduling your First Appointment

It's easy to schedule an appointment online!

Click on the link below to go directly to,

my online scheduling system.

If you are a first time guest, especially if you are new to the Curly Journey or if you are having issues with your curls, I recommend the Luxury Curly Cut.

If you are a returning guest, select your preferred service.

Choose the date for your service, the system will automatically show you the next available date, if your 1st choice isn't available.

Next select your appointment time. If you like, you can now add yourself to the waitlist and receive notifications if the time becomes available!

New guests will be directed to create a Login and Password,

if you have visited me previously, enter your current user name and password!

After your appointment request is received you will receive a

confirmation when it has been accepted.  You will also receive a Welcome Email with information about preparing for your appointment.

(Click here for How to Arrive)

Make sure to check the Spam Folder, if you haven't received it!

 If you have any questions, email me anytime at

Complete Service Descriptions are available here.

If you are unable to find an available appointment,

please add yourself to the Wait List.

If you see this, click Add to Waitlist, I will follow up with you to help you get scheduled!

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How to prepare for you First Curly Cut at CainCurls

Curly Cuts are done on dry, styled Curls.

It is very important that you arrive with your Curly Hair, clean, detangled and down as you normally would wear it without clips, barrettes, ponytails, braids or hats.

Your curls must be completely dry, Day 1 or Day 2 preferred, with minimal products.

Best results are achieved on hair that is properly detangled during your previous washday and styled with water-soluble products. Oils, creams and waxes build up on the strand causing dehydration.


Late Cancel/No-Show Policy

If you are unable to attend your appointment due to illness, please let me know and we can reschedule your appointment. However, 24 hours notice is kindly expected when canceling or requesting to reschedule. If you would like to make a change to your scheduled service, please contact me prior to the appointment via email or call 662-292-9972.

To schedule a new appointment, please use the Waitlist option on my calendar.

You can find more information about my services on my New Curly Guest page.

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