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"I’ve been seeing Laurie for years, I trust no one else with my curls. She’s beyond educated when it comes to curls and it shows! She’s always taken amazing care of me, she even did my hair on my wedding day!

Laurie is amazing!" ~Erica Kessler

Laurie Cain is a genius! She walked me back as soon as I made it to the salon and immediately sat me down to talk about my hair. We went back and forth with me talking about my hair care and personal styling techniques while she shared her vast amount of knowledge and tips about curly hair. I told her what I was looking for (VOLUME) with my hair and I can't say that I had high hopes but after a cut and a refresh, I was ASTOUNDED. My hair has never had beautifully defined curls WITH volume but after a visit with Laurie, I had the best hair of my life. I cannot recommend this woman enough for people who have become frustrated with both their own hair and hair stylists. Laurie is a master of her craft and she will do everything in her power to take care of your hair!


Laurie was awesome! She spent tons of time before the cut chatting with me about my hair, my routine and any issues I was having. She made me feel so comfortable! She gave me a wealth of information and tips, lots of samples to try and a really, really great haircut! My hair loves the new cut and so do I! I will definitely be back! If you are on the fence and scared to let someone cut your wavy/curly hair like I was, go and see her. You will be so glad you did!



Absolutely just what my hair needed. Laurie is an awesome professional; very knowledgeable and helpful...not just another hair cut.....She is THE best stylist that's ever touched these curls and the results are nothing short of magic...I will not go to anyone else!

David Conrad

I had an amazing experience with Mrs. Laurie! My curls now feel soft and springy! I was quite impressed, and I am looking forward to my next appointment.

LaToya K

I never knew that I could actually love my natural hair, but Laurie showed me that I could. For 25+ years I have struggled with my curls and trying to find products that work for me. What I didn't know was that it was the technique of styling not necessarily the products used to creat pretty curls. Laurie spent about three hours with me at my first appointment explaining my curls to me and figuring out exactly what I wanted out of the experience. She let me take notes and pictures and even sent me home with samples of each product so I didn't have to run out and buy them right away. She encourages me to email her with any questions that I might have until my next appointment. I have never had a stylist like Laurie. She has truly changed my life.


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