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Laurie Cain

Life sometimes takes us on a journey to find where we belong. I was 16 when I first thought of becoming a hairstylist.

I am so happy that I found where I belong.

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Photo by Shawn Brereton

Samantha Spaur

I decided to go to cosmetology school after I had received more than my share of terrible haircuts. I never understood why my hair always tended to get ruined going to the salon. I took it upon myself to do something about it and found out one of the biggest things that many stylists don't do - listen. Listen to what your client is asking for, clarify, repeat it back - listen again. It's as simple as just listening to your client before picking up any scissors.


I attended Empire Beauty School in Memphis and was dually licensed in Tennessee and Mississippi in 2011. Started straight from school with men's hair, later moving into full service. I have an eye for detail and refuse to let a bad cut walk out the door. 35 years old with a spooky season birthday (October 5).


Have a 6 1/2 year old Pomeranian named Roxy - and very much enjoy coloring her tail in bright shades (pet safe, of course), sewing clothes and bows for her and taking her everywhere that she is allowed to tag along. She really enjoys Home Depot, but mainly anywhere that gives her the attention she believes she deserves, which is all of it. She loves wearing her shoes and doesn't mind the Doggles on occasion, especially in the snow. She knows some fancy tricks and will dance for food. I may not have any children yet, but this silly dog is spoiled just like a child.


In my free time, I actually enjoy mowing the lawn and bringing my yard to life. I am always excited for the next holiday so I can decorate my house. When it's too cold (or hot) to be out in the yard, it's time to go indoors and play some pool. You might catch me in a 9 ball tournament or even as just a railbird, watching from the sidelines. Check out my guest photos here!

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We’re Hiring


Laurie saved my hair

"I finally decided to try a DevaCurl stylist 3 years ago and I have no idea why I waited so long!! I drive over an hour to see Laurie Cain because she is simply the best! Laurie has made a big difference with my natural curly hair, in fact Laurie has made me love curls again. The Deva Cut that Laurie does makes my curls MUCH more manageable and my morning routine less of a headache. Laurie is VERY knowledgeable of all Deva products and curly hair life. She always delivers just what I'm asking for and I always walk out a happy customer!" 

~Jessica Satorius


Laurie is amazing!

"Laurie is so amazing at what she does! I have been learning how to care for my hair for the last 10 years or so and I love that she has taught me new ways to treat my curls. My hair has never been healthier and I am constantly getting compliments on my curls now!"

~Stacy Arnold

Laurie is the absolute best!

"I feel I've found a real treasure in Laurie. she has really Helped my hair to look it's best while improving it's overall healthy appearance. She is very willing to make herself available and provides excellent customer service. The best thing about Laurie?

She is absolutely committed to making sure her clients are knowledgeable in the use of DevaCurl products. She really cares about my curly girl journey! Book an appointment with Laurie you will be glad you did!"

~Kimberly Bump

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