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How often should you get a Curly Cut?

The first question I usually hear after our visit is... How often should I get a haircut? My answer depends on a few factors, such as 1️⃣ Are you growing out your length? 2️⃣ Do you want to keep your style short, possibly maintain a consistent chin-length or above the shoulders length? 3️⃣ How often have you been getting your haircut? ..Plus a few that may be specific to your #curlgoals after that my recommendation is generally at 12 weeks, although I have many that I see only every 16 weeks and a few that I see at 8 weeks.

The question I get the most in my DMs is... How do I schedule my first appointment with you?

1️⃣ visit to learn more about the services and classes I offer, my process, my prices and more information, including how to prepare for your visit. 2️⃣ Click BOOK NOW from my website then select your service and the date you would like to come in. Please note, due to Covid, I am only able to offer online booking up to 1 month out, if your request isn't available, please join my waitlist. ➡️ scroll down and you'll see a message that says Add to Waitlist ⭐Click the box to be added to my waitlist. 3️⃣ Complete the online forms and I'll be in touch! If you have any questions or difficulty scheduling, please email me at and I'll be happy to assist you!

Will I have to wait to get my next appointment? ⭐Not at all! We can schedule your next appointment before you leave the salon!

Want to jump to the Head of the Line for your Appointment? Attend my next class, An Introduction to the Curly Journey and you will get your first appointment scheduled at the class! Click here to register for the class.


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