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How do you find the "RIGHT" Stylist for You?

Curly or not, finding the right stylist can be a bit overwhelming. Maybe you have moved to a new area, or you just aren't quite meshing with your current stylist. Possibly, you have decided to go in a new direction... and they just aren't on board or they don't know how to help you. This happens a lot with Curly Guests. (Check out the article in Curl Magazine about the training we go through to become experts in Curls!)

I've created a few tips to help you find a new stylist that you will LOVE🧡

1️⃣ Look at their work✂️ Do you see Beautiful Curls? How many? Do you see Curls like yours? Do they include before and after photos? If you aren't curly, do they have photos of styles, cuts and colors that you LOVE?

2️⃣ Talk with them. Schedule a consultation and ask about their training and their Curl Philosophy.

3️⃣ Check out their website, do they only do curls? This can be important because if they are spending their time and energy on other services and hair types, they have less time and energy to devote to Curls. The Curl Community is changing every day. We are learning and creating better products and techniques to care for your curls.

4️⃣ What do their previous guests say about them? Independent reviews, usually found on Google or a Stylist finder site are super helpful, so do a Google search and see what is being said about them.

Finally, 5️⃣ If you aren't comfortable, STOP the service. Ask more questions, or graciously explain that you don't want to continue the service. (Warning: There may still be a charge for your stylist time, so be prepared to discuss this.) But there is absolutely no need to continue and potentially risk your curls with a stylist you are not comfortable with.

And, if you aren't already one of my beloved Curly Guests, check out my reviews on Google, Facebook, DevaCurl and Vagaro. Thanks for joining me on this journey, I look forward to seeing you again soon!🧡


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