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Laurie Cain

Life sometimes takes us on a journey to find where we belong. I was 16 when I first thought of becoming a hairstylist.

I am so happy that I found where I belong.


 I learned my love for dancing and country music growing up in Texas. I can two-step, waltz, polka and a few others. A few years ago, I actually took a few ballroom dance lessons. I learned the Cha-Cha and Tango! And I sing. Actually, I love to sing! I just don't like to do it in front of anyone else!

 I am from a military family. My grandfather, father, all three of my brothers, 

one of my sisters and I, all enlisted in one branch or another! I moved quite a bit as

an adult, but found my forever home, here in Mississippi.


My daughter lives in the area and  our granddaughter, Ellie, is a constant joy. She

just turned 6 and I love watching her grow! We love being with our family and

friends; camping, playing pool & cards or just hanging out!




Being outdoors is the greatest, and you can often find me working on the yard or hanging

out on our back porch. I love reading out there, when it's not too hot! I am an avid reader

and read everything. And, I will read for hours! It's been a constant in my life since I was

little and my sister used to complain because I would read every sign, out LOUD,

every time we drove anywhere!.


I became a hairstylist in 2010, many years after I first thought of going into the

industry. I am so glad I did, as I truly have a passion for curly hair! My own curly hair

journey began in 2013, a couple of years after becoming DevaCurl Certified. I

was delighted to see my curls developing and love to share that joy with my guests

that are in the process of transitioning to their natural curls, sometimes after

years of heat and chemical damage. I have been DevaCurl Certified since 2011

and I have completed the Advanced DevaCurl Stylist Training in New York! While I no longer use the DevaCurl product line, the cutting technique is the basis for all major Curly Cutting techniques. Lorraine Massey was the beginning of the Professional Curly Era. I have since added training from Cut it Kinky and RezoCut.  I am always looking to increase my knowledge in all areas of the industry and regularly attend training on Curly Cutting  Techniques, Product Knowledge and Curly Coloring such as RezoLites. 

For me, healthy hair is the most beautiful and I've found, with a little encouragement and help, you can have Easy, Healthy and Beautiful curls. Let's get together and talk about your goals! Come visit with me at the salon, where my goal is to help you....

Love Your Curls

I look forward to meeting you, wherever you are on your Curl Journey. 

For more information, select the New Guest tab or click below to schedule your appointment today!

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Laurie saved my hair

"I finally decided to try a DevaCurl stylist 3 years ago and I have no idea why I waited so long!! I drive over an hour to see Laurie Cain because she is simply the best! Laurie has made a big difference with my natural curly hair, in fact Laurie has made me love curls again. The Deva Cut that Laurie does makes my curls MUCH more manageable and my morning routine less of a headache. Laurie is VERY knowledgeable of all Deva products and curly hair life. She always delivers just what I'm asking for and I always walk out a happy customer!" 

~Jessica Satorius


Laurie is amazing!

"Laurie is so amazing at what she does! I have been learning how to care for my hair for the last 10 years or so and I love that she has taught me new ways to treat my curls. My hair has never been healthier and I am constantly getting compliments on my curls now!"

~Stacy Arnold

Laurie is the absolute best!

"I feel I've found a real treasure in Laurie. she has really Helped my hair to look it's best while improving it's overall healthy appearance. She is very willing to make herself available and provides excellent customer service. The best thing about Laurie?

She is absolutely committed to making sure her clients are knowledgeable in the use of DevaCurl products. She really cares about my curly girl journey! Book an appointment with Laurie you will be glad you did!"

~Kimberly Bump

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The beginning of my Curly Journey, April 2013

Laurie Cain, DevaCurl Stylist, 2013
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