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Coloring Your Curls

Curly Hair pic

Color Services are customized to fit your specific Curl Goals... all while keeping the health of those beautiful curls in mind!

Do you want to cover your grays?

The Touch-Up Service is exactly what you want.

Are you looking to camouflage a few grays that are starting to shine?

Or maybe you want to shake things up a bit, go ruby red or add beautiful blonde to create dimension and show off those curls...

Curly Lights can be custom formulated to create any effect!

This technique replaces traditional foiling, allowing

me to create beautiful high/lowlights while preserving

the integrity of your curls, for Healthy, Beautiful Curls!

Are you ready for a change?

All-over Color, with or without Curly Lights, custom formulated to your desired shade and tone is just the service for you!

Want to treat your Curls to a little TLC...

Add the Olaplex Treatment to your color service ~

This treatment will improve the bonds within the hair to increase strength and elasticity of your curls, for shinier, healthier curls!

Your Curls will thank you for it!

Add the Express Cut to any service ~ you will

Love Your Curls!

Scheduling your First Appointment

Click on the link to go directly to my online scheduling system. 

Select the service you want under New Guest Color

returning guests select service under Curly Color 

Color Services include

Curly and Tight Curly options

New guest services have additional time allotted to provide

the best service for you, prices vary based on Curls.

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